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Legality of promotional cards in Europe.

The FAQs for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Mexico went up recently, and among them was a notation regarding the legality of cards from SHONEN JUMP Magazine (which isn't sold outside of North America) and other promotional cards. The card legalities page has been updated to reflect this, and now features notations for Europe, which will be of importance to those attending Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Milan this month.

  • SHONEN JUMP Magazine cards are NOT legal for play in Europe, Oceania, Central, or South America, as SHONEN JUMP Magazine is not officially distributed there. If a SHONEN JUMP and/or Graphic Novel card has been released through another method, then that card is legal for play.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!-related Graphic Novel cards are only legal for play in Europe, Oceania, Central, or South America if that Graphic Novel was specifically distributed there. (This is rare.)

  • Video Game promo cards are legal starting with the official “on sale” date for that video game within that continent.
Here is an unconfirmed (and most likely incomplete) list of cards that are not legal because of this:
  • JUMP-EN006 Unity
  • JUMP-EN007 Yu-Jo Friendship
  • JUMP-EN008 Judgment of the Pharaoh
  • JUMP-EN027 Arcana Force EX - THE LIGHT RULER
  • JUMP-EN032 Beast King Barbaros
  • JUMP-EN033 Tragoedia
  • JUMP-EN034 Genesis Dragon
  • JUMP-EN035 Orichalcos Shunoros
  • JUMP-EN036 Darkness Neosphere
  • JUMP-EN037 Obelisk the Tormentor
  • JUMP-EN038 Cyber Eltanin
  • JUMP-EN039 Hundred-Eyes Dragon
  • JUMP-EN040 Golem Dragon
  • JUMP-EN041 The Tyrant NEPTUNE
  • JUMP-EN042 Transform Sphere
  • JUMP-EN043 Malefic Stardust Dragon
  • JUMP-EN045 The Winged Dragon of Ra
  • JUMP-EN046 Lightning Warrior
  • JUMP-EN047 Seven Sword Warrior
Expect more info on how this affects YCS Milan (and local tournaments across Europe) in the coming weeks. Please note that Elemental Hero Absolute Zero (Magazine was released in France/Belgium) and Dark End Dragon (2010 World Championship Qualifier prize card) are still legal in Europe, as they were both released through another method.