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The Irish Duelist goes mobile!

A while back I bought myself an iPhone 4 as a late Christmas present and naturally enough took at look at The Irish Duelist to see what it would look like on it. While it seemed okay I knew that loading the web version would eat up people's data since there are a lot of images on the site (it's the way I lay things out and so-on). Fortunately, Blogger allows for the inclusion of mobile features through its Blogger in Draft setings (which allow people to test out new features before they go 100% live) and I've "flicked the switch" to enable better mobile support!

From now on, whenever you access The Irish Duelist through your iPhone (and I assume other current-gen smartphones also) you'll see the following:

From trying this out on my own phone it appears that embedded videos don't show up in the blog posts so in future I'll include a static link for people to head to to watch them.