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If you were playing Yu-Gi-Oh! a few years ago you might remember, the strategy and coverage site that was the 'go to' place for all things Yu-Gi-Oh! Following Upper Deck's departure from the game Metagame went down and ceased production. It was also impossible to access outside of Wayback Machines and even those were slow and unreliable.

Fortunately one Duelist has kept a copy of the Metagame archives together ever since the site went down and recently uploaded all the content for everybody to see. If you're feeling nostalgic or just want to see what the game was like during the days of Goat Control, TeleDAD or any other pre-2009 format, be sure to head to the link below:

Click here to head to the Metagame archive.

Here's a few of my favourites:

Round 9: Paul Levitin vs. Andrew Hayton
Jason Grabher-Meyer
July 14, 2007

Levitin summoned Protector of the Sanctuary, a rather unexpected play. “There are so many other plays than that, but I want to make this one in the feature match.” He grinned.

Hayton smiled “Are you going to attack my Morphing Jar?” He phrased the question in a goofy voice, and Levitin laughed, believing Hayton was joking.

Then he attacked, and Hayton sheepishly flipped his Morphing Jar. Holy crap.

Kris Perovic immediately whipped out cell phone from the sidelines. “I’ve gotta call Anthony Alvarado. There’s no way he’s gonna believe this.” Morphing Jar flipped, Levitin got a new hand, and Hayton discarded his for nothing in return because of Protector’s effect. It was the biggest beating of all time, and it was about to get worse.

A Scandal in Scotland!
Jason Grabher-Meyer
July 01, 2007

Yesterday Duncan discovered something about all the flags National Champions are carrying this weekend: it turns out each miniature flag stand is labeled with a black Sharpie on the underside, identifying which flag belonged to which country. Understandable when you’ve got more than 20 nations being represented. Much to Duncan’s shock and dismay, he discovered that the British flag, representing players from all over the United Kingdom, was labeled “ENGLAND.” Perhaps it was the nature of the oversight that Duncan objected to, or maybe it was the finer details: the permanence of the Sharpie, the bold, block letters that perpetrated the misnomer, or the striking underline. Ohhhh, the underline. Regardless, Duncan’s expression accurately reflected his response to the situation . . .

Best of 2008 - Inflection Point Play
Ryan Murphy
January 04, 2009

Generating this theory changed the way I played Yu-Gi-Oh!, and hopefully allowed readers a new insight into the game. This article offers a way to mathematically dictate when shifting from a card advantage oriented, or conservative strategy, to a tempo control oriented, or aggressive strategy, is the correct play. The ability to recognize this transition plays a major role in creating successful players, and this article helps every player understand and mathematically justify that decision. Writing articles like this is why I became a Metagame writer.

The Practical Duelist: Qualities of a Great Player
Bryan Camareno
October 10, 2008

Courage is that hidden quality that all great players possess. It takes great courage to be confident in your own ability and your own thoughts. It takes a level of bravery to have certainty in your ability to win the game even when all seems lost. Some people will tell you that you’re wrong or that you don’t know what you’re doing, but I say have confidence in your own ability. Not blind faith in it, but rational certainty gained by facts you discover. Don’t be afraid to put yourself to the test. What if you’re not as skilled as those around you? What do you do then? Take solace in the fact that their level isn’t unattainable if you really make the effort to reach it.