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Top 1000 COSSY players get free mats.

Source: Konami

Top 1000-ranked players rewarded again!

Dear Duelists,

Another quarter has passed, and with it, another season of official Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Organized Play! This also means it is time again to reward our most dedicated and successful Duelists with a special treat: We are excited to reward the Top 1000-ranked Duelists from this past quarter (July 1st until September 30th) with this official, exclusive gamemat:

In order to receive their prize, Duelists must complete the COSSY registration process and enter their personal details (first name, last name, address, postal code, city, country), so that their gamemat can be mailed to them. Duelists will have until December 31st to register their information at, the mat will be shipped shortly thereafter. Duelists who haven’t registered until then will forfeit their award.

Duelists who didn’t make the Top 1000 this time should not give up. Another mat will be given at the end of the next quarter (October 1st until December 31st), so continue playing in sanctioned events to accumulate rating points! You can find a list of organizers who offer sanctioned events on this webpage, in the “events” section.

The list of European players from the Top 1000 list for October-December can be found here, so be sure to check to see if you're getting a free mat. If anybody finds a list for American players please let me know and I'll add that too.