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Videos from Warpcon XXI

Warpcon is Cork's annual gaming convention and the Yu-Gi-Oh! event took place yesterday (Saturday). I won it last year and was hoping to do the same this time round. Unfortunately I haven't been playing at my best recently as anybody that's aware of my Irish Open 'performance' will tell you, so I used Warpcon as more of a testing bed before Ireland's Battle of the Kingdoms qualifier in 2 weeks' time. Regardless, I made the finals and you can watch the videos below or here on YouTube.

Just a quick note in advance: This was my first time recording video with the iPhone 4 and when I transferred the files over to my computer they were incredibly large, and the compression method I used wasn't exactly the best. If any 'YugiTubers' out there use the iPhone 4 for their videos and would like to help me out with future uploads, please let me know what I should be doing to ensure maximum (reasonable) quality. Just shoot me a message in the comments below, on Twitter or on Facebook (PMs on YouTube are okay as well I guess).