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Net-Decking: Why it's not as bad as you think.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! there are often 2 types of Duelists you see at lcoals: those who run carbon copies of the top Decks from the most recent YCS, and those who flat out refuse to do so, on the basis that "original is better". Jason, one of my fellow writers at the Konami Strategy site has written a pretty decent article on the topic of Net-Decking over at TCGPlayer which I think everybody should check out:

If you've been around this game for a while, you've probably seen the age-old argument: one side believes that netdecking is a bad thing, while the other merrily netdecks away, hammering refresh every Sunday night after a YCS to get at the Top 32 deck lists. The Duelists who decry netdecking usually do so for a number of reasons: they believe netdecking is “just ripping off the ideas of creative Duelists who build their own decks”; that it crushes creativity by encouraging people to run decks that are already winning, instead of striving to create something new; that inexperienced players can buy the cards for a netdeck and unfairly steamroll people who've been in the game longer; and that copied decks just aren't as good as custom-made ones, since they aren't fitted for an individual's style and relevant metagames.

Flat out, only one of those suppositions is true. In reality, netdecking is a powerful tool that's useful for new and younger players, and evenbetter for the truly creative who set out to build something original and competitive. Without netdecking, us creative types would lack what's needed to make and perfect a worthwhile, innovative strategy. Today I want to discuss how netdecking helps different types of players with different interests; how you can use it yourself; and where it does indeed become a sub-par technique. The goal? To de-vilify netdecking as a whole, and help people understand that it isn't the enemy of creative efforts, but in fact a tool for creative success. It's my hope that by the time we're finished, this'll be the kind of discussion that you can link different types of Duelists to; helping them make the best choices for their Dueling career, and if attacked, help them defend their use of netdecking.