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New SHONEN JUMP Promo and Subscription cards.

The Meklords (or Machine Emperors, as some people would refer to them as) are the key rival monsters in the final season of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, designed to rid the world of Synchro Monsters. For a long time Duelists who've had a keen eye on developments in Japan and the OCG have wondered when we'd see some of these cards (as well as the powerful Synchro Monster T.G. Hyper Librarian), and some information on these surfaced this morning.

Source: Ideal808

The new JUMP Subscription cards for 2011 have been Announced and we are offering a limited amount at a ridiculously cheap Early Bird pricing. They are TG (Tech Genius) Hyper Librarian and Meklord Astro Mekanikle the King of the Meklord Emperor's!

The Dates of Release are still unconfirmed but we have been told to expect them sometime around May/June 2011. If there are any date changes we will notify customers via Newsletter and also change the dates on the site.

That leaves Meklord Emperor Granel as being the next SHONEN JUMP Magazine Promo (#50) with the above 2 being subscription only, similar to how Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Dandylion were a few years ago.

With the "Jump rule" in place that limits the use of cards not available in certain regions, Duelists in Europe, Latin America and Oceania may be concenred about not being allowed to play these cards, but from the looks of things we may get them sooner than we think, according to Kevin Tewart of Konami.

Source: Pojo

I want everyone to pass this along to every Duelist in Latin America & Europe that they know:
Obviously we know that cards like Granel are critical to the upcoming Meklord Deck.
We are working on it.
Do not despair.
Everything will be fine.

(No, no details until everything is finalized. But I've been working on this for a while now. Relax.)

So there you have it, once we know more about the non-American release of these cards I'll be sure to post it here on The Irish Duelist so that nobody misses out on these game-changing cards.