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No change in TCG Priority rulings for now.

On Monday you may remember that Konami announced that the Priority ruling in Japan would change, affecting several cards in the process. As with everything that's announced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world the TCG playerbase hyped themselves up into a frenzy with several people both for and against the change on the forums.

Well, it seems for now that all of that energy people put into heated arguments was for nought as it's been confirmed that the rulings for Priority in the TCG will NOT change for the time being, and we'll continue to use the current rulings until such a change is announced on (I'll also post it here when that happens).

Source: US Judge Support (email)

Hi Judges,

Well, it was an exciting weekend for some of us – Konami in Japan posted information on their website, concerning a change in the way priority will interact with Monster’s Ignition effects, and the TCG world started going ballistic.

Just to make sure our judges are all receiving correct information, I’m sending out this email. Here’s all you need to know for the time being:

  1. This change will take place on March 19th for OCG Territories only. It will not be in effect in TCG territories.

  2. In other words, do not make any changes to previous rulings in TCG territories. Players will tell you the rule has changed. They will be wrong.

  3. When any such change takes place in TCG territories, judges and players alike will be provided with official information on

  4. Once more, just for the heck of it – this ruling change does not currently affect the TCG. There are no changes in rulings for the TCG.

Good luck at your events in the coming weeks! You are in for a fun time!


Julia Hedberg
Judge Manager, Card Business
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.