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0 ATK vs 0 ATK Clarification

Morning Duelists,

If any of you picked up the Dragunity Legion Structure Deck you may have noticed that the official rulebook has been updated (to version 7.2) However, since most people who buy these products already have a rulebook and know the rules of the game, the following change may go unnoticed.

On page 43 there is a new paragraph on what happens when a monster with 0 ATK battles:

0 ATK monsters

Monsters with 0 ATK cannot destroy anything by battle. If two Attack Position monsters with 0 ATK battle each other, neither monster is destroyed.

If you don't have a copy of the latest rulebook you can take a look at the online version here. This rulings change/clarification goes into effect immediately so please be aware of it at your next tournament.