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1 Book? No problem!

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When a new Limited and Forbidden Cards list is announced, there’s always a lot of discussion about what cards became Forbidden or Limited, as well as cards that you can now run 2 or even 3 copies of again. One of the most talked about changes with the current list has been the limitation of Book of Moon, a card that was previously allowed at 3 copies and used at 3 copies in almost every Deck. Obviously, this is a big change, so here’s a peek at how Decks might change and adapt to it and how you can take advantage of it!

To see what impact Book of Moon becoming a Limited card has on Duels we need to look at it from both ends of the table. Book of Moon is usually used as a defensive card, preventing Synchro Summons and other big monster combos, blocking attacks or protecting a monster from being destroyed by a card effect (by Chaining it to cards like Mirror Force or Bottomless Trap Hole), and the ways that Duelists interact with it largely depends on whose turn it is.

Book of Moon when you’re attacking.
During your turn when you’re setting up big combos the one card you’d always fear of shutting those down was Book of Moon. If you Special Summoned Dandylion in Attack Position with Debris Dragon’s effect, your opponent would flip one of your monsters face-down, stopping you from Synchro Summoning and effectively ending your set of plays for the turn. If you Special Summoned another X-Saber monster after Normal Summoning XX-Saber Boggart Knight and your opponent had Book Set, you wouldn’t have enough face-up monsters to Special Summon XX-Saber Faultroll. With Book of Moon no longer as common in your opponent’s Spell and Trap Card Zones your combos won’t be interrupted as often and you’ll be able to Summon your strongest monsters more easily.

Having fewer Books around also helps other Decks to compete with the likes of X-Sabers, Chaos-infused Plant Decks and Six Samurai. Gladiator Beasts are always seen as a strong Deck with a reliable set of plays available to them, but without Cold Wave (now Forbidden) and Giant Trunade their key plays involving Test Tiger and Elemental Hero Prisma were easily stopped by Book of Moon. Infernities are one of the most combo-based Decks out there, using cards like Infernity Mirage and Infernity Launcher to Summon powerful Synchros like Hundred Eyes Dragon, which then copies the effects of other Infernities to do it all over again, or Mist Wurm which can wipe your opponent’s field clean. Book of Moon would stop these combos in their early stages by “blocking off” Synchro Summons and leaving Infernity Duelists defenceless as they had no cards in-hand. With Book now Limited, Duelists can pick up these and many other Decks with the confidence that they have a greater chance of pulling off some awesome moves and winning Duels.

Book of Moon when you’re defending.
When it’s your opponent’s turn you want to use your Set cards to disrupt your opponent’s combos as much as possible, and Book of Moon is one of the best cards at doing that because of how versatile it is. With Book now Limited Duelists will need to look at other ways of halting huge plays. The first cards that will see increased play in the coming weeks are Trap Cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, Compulsory Evacuation Device and Raigeki Break. Each of these take care of Synchro Summons and disrupt combos in a similar way to Book of Moon, which makes them worth adding to your Spell and Trap line-up if you’re just trying to “replace” your 2 lost Books.

What all 3 of these (and other cards that do similar things) have in common is that they’re all Trap Cards, so clever Duelists who anticipate this change are already adding Trap Stun and/or Royal Decree to their Main Decks (many Decks even add Forbidden Lance too)to counteract the trend. That means you’re going to have to out-think them and use cards that can’t be touched by Trap Stun, Royal Decree or even Mystical Space Typhoon. Cards like Effect Veiler, D.D. Crow, Battle Fader and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness are all worthwhile options for protecting yourself from whatever your opponent throws at you, and are extremely difficult to negate. A well-timed Effect Veiler for example can have an even more devastating effect on your opponent than Book of Moon ever could, leaving them wide open for a Duel-ending attack next turn.

All of those cards come from the hand, so if you use Maxx “C” before the barrage begins, you can draw into cards like Battle Fader and Gorz even if you didn’t happen to have them at the time. Also, bear in mind that you still have 1 Book of Moon you can use, and with Duelists not expecting it as much you can catch your opponent off-guard moreso now than ever before.

Book of Moon is the most multipurpose card around, but with it now Limited to 1 copy per Deck, Duels will play out differently than before. More Decks now have a chance of succeeding now that there are far fewer universal answers to everything floating around, and Duelists are already trying to out-wit each other by adding cards to counter what they expect opponents to do to “replace” those missing 2 copies. Try lots of different cards in place of the lost Books to see which ones are right for your Deck!