3 Limerick Duelists in Konami's "Top 1000" list. | The Irish Duelist

3 Limerick Duelists in Konami's "Top 1000" list.

Source: The Gathering

A while back we posted here on The Gathering's website about Konami's recent "Top 1000" list, which contained 3 Duelists from Limerick (also the only 3 from Ireland on the list): PJ Tierney, Kieren Digpal and Patrick Farrell. This week they each recieved their prize in the mail, an exclusive playmat to honour their achievements!

Don't forget that to be in with a chance of earning one of these for yourself you need to play in official Konami sanctioned tournaments, and the more you play, the greater chance of you winning big!

The Gathering hosts official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments (€5 entry) every Saturday from 10am (roughly starting at around 10.30) to 1pm, and Duelists are welcome to hang around for the afternoon to trade and play in friendly matches.

Limerick's 3 "Top 1000" Duelists (l-r): Kieren Digpal, PJ Tierney, Patrick Farrell

The attendance figures have been declining recently so we need your support, and if you know of any fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! nearby feel free to let them know about our weekly tournaments; all are welcome and there's prizes for Junior Duelists as well so everybody's in with a shot of winning something!