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Card Legality news for YCS Paris.

Some info has gone up about the legality of Hidden Arsenal 4 at YCS Paris:

Source: Konami

Our latest Booster set, Hidden Arsenal 4, will be released throughout Europe on April 14th. Usually, new cards become tournament legal immediately upon their release, and this rule will also apply to Hidden Arsenal 4 when it comes to local tournaments.

However, we are aware that the release date of Hidden Arsenal 4 is very close to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series – Paris (April 16th/17th), which makes it very hard to get the new cards and playtest with them in time.

Thus, we have decided that cards from Hidden Arsenal 4 will NOT BE LEGAL for the YCS Paris. This exception from the legality rule applies only to the YCS main event.

So basically, for Hidden Arsenal 4:
  • Main Event: Not Legal
  • Side-Events: Legal

Also take note that Elemental Hero the Shining won't be legal either.