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Elemental Hero The Shining not legal in Europe.

Usually when a card comes out we know if/when it's legal right away. Most pack releases have a legality date on yugioh-card.com, so there's usually no confusion. Where there is uncertainty though is with promotional cards that come out in mangas, magazines or videogames as not only are these releases not fully known, but the cards that come with said products could vary from region to region (with some not getting them at all). That's why the "Jump Rule" is in place and cards like Obelisk the Tormentor are only legal in certain regions of the TCG.

The most recent confusion about "Jump Rule" cards is that of the legality of Elemental Hero The Shining. Apparently it's available in North America already (though I haven't seen any copies online yet) and many assumed that like Elemental Hero Absolute Zero last year, that it would be legal in Europe given that Zero was made available in 1 or 2 countries over here. A recent thread on DuelistGroundz.com raised the issue and somebody from that thread sent out an email to Konami's European department to try and get an answer. Here's the reply that was given:

Dear Pedro,

Although the card may be available through various channels, it has never been officially released in Europe, therefore it is not legal for tournament play.

Kind regards,

Knowing who Falko is (he's essentially the head of the Judge Program in Europe, you might have seen him Head Judge YCS Bochum in September) I can verify that this information is 100% reliable and as such declare that Elemental hero The Shining is not legal in Europe at this time. Hopefully that'll put the issue to rest, and if anything changes (ie: the card becomes available in Europe) I'll let you all know through The Irish Duelist.