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New design blog & portfolio online!

Hi all, just want to share something with my fellow Duelists.
As some of you may already know, I spent the last 4/5 years of my life in Art College (Limerick School of Art and design) and graduated last year. Ever since then I've been living and working from home, and things have been going okay so far. Anyways, for 2011 I really wanted to make a name for myself and looking at the success of The Irish Duelist I've decided to start up another blog at

Hey everyone!

After a lot of planning, hard work and discussions with fellow designers I've finally decided to start writing a design blog which I'm launching today! I did something like this almost 3 years ago with The Irish Duelist, which has become a great success and is still quite popular today. Now with a design blog I can start writing about my other main passion in life: the wonderful world of art and design. The plan at the moment is to share something with you all every day, be it some of my latest work, videos by inspirational people such as James White or Nick Campbell, or just some cool stuff I found on the web.

With now transformed from a portfolio site (tip: Blogger is not the CMS you want for a portfolio, believe me) into a design blog I needed a place to put all of my work so that potential clients and anybody else who's interested can take a look. That's where the portfolio page comes in. Powered by the awesomeness of CargoCollective I'm able to easily upload and manage my various projects and show them in the best possible light. I've still got a few minor issues to sort out with the layout but for the most part it's live and working, and you can check it out here. There's also a permanent link at the top of the sidebar so you won't have to go digging for it.

Speaking of the sidebar, I've also thrown a whole bunch of other stuff in there. Right under the portfolio link is the Featured Project area, where you'll find the piece of work I want to share with you all the most (usually it's the most recent one). Click the image to go directly to the relevant portfolio post where you'll find more images (right now it's the F1 2011 Poster series I recently completed, 19 posters in total!) and so on. Further down is my Flickr stream, where you can stay updated with my latest work, as well as some of the snaps I decide to share with you all through my iPhone. Finally at the bottom are all the links you'll ever need to find me online, including my Twitter, which is the easiest way to get in touch as I'm always online when working :)

So that's it for now, have a look around and check back every day for more content. I's going to be anything like The Irish Duelist there's an awesome future ahead of us.

See you soon!


Check it out now, and have a look at my portfolio while you're there. All feedback welcome! :)