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Various videos worth taking a look at.

There are 2 types of people out there that post up Yu-Gi-Oh! content; Bloggers and Broadcasters. Bloggers (like myself) prefer to write content, either because it's easier to handle than video recording (which brings up all sorts of technical variables) or just because we like to write. Broadcasters on the other hand like the swiftness of video recording, find it easier to express their opinions by (showing and) saying what they think, and prefer the wider exposure that YouTube gives them.

While I'm mainly a blogger I still try and watch/upload a few videos whenever I can, and here's some of the stuff on "Yugi-Tube" that's caught my attention over the past month, take a look:

This is what I've been running all format, incase you're wondering.

Feel free to suggest any videos on The Irish Duelist's facebook page and I'll consider featuring them in another article soon!