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Updated UK/Irish Nationals info.

Lee Singleton of Gamerz Events (the distribution company in the UK that runs events on Konami's behalf) posted a quick update on the information that went out for the UK/Irish Nationals this week, clearing up the information about Regionals etc.:

Source: UkayPro

Hi All,

There seems to be some confusion about some of the terms and events used, so I thought I would post and try and clear it all up for everyone. Of course if this raises more questions then I will be happy to answer.

National Championship
This is an open event starting on Saturday with a £15 entrance fee. Each player will recieve particpation prizes that will at minimum equal the value of their entry fee of £15. As stated on the official website the number of rounds and cut for day 2 will depend upon the number of players we have in the main event.

WCQ - Regionals
There are 7 of these events happening across the UK and Ireland, we are currently working with selected organisers to arrange these. Final dates and locations should be announced this friday. These events will not qualify you for the National Championships. Players who finish high enough in the standings will qualify directly for the European Championships. Playing in these events (and qualifying for the European Championships) will have no effect on your ability to play in the UK & Ireland Nationals Championships. More details can be found here

National Trials/ Last Chance Trials
These events will either be hosted by local organisers or held on the Friday before the Nationals. Winners of these events (in addition to any other prizes that you may win) will recieve free entry in the National Championships (and thus will not have to pay the £15 entry fee). More details of how to schedule these events will be going out to organisers this week.

Battle of the Kingdoms Final
This event will happen on the Friday before Nationals. It will be free to enter for qualified players.

We hope that players who attend all 3 days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG 2011 UK & Ireland Nationals Championships will have great fun playing 3 full days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, though of course with plenty of tournaments going on, we hope that if you can't make all 3 days, you pop in and visit for at least a day :-)

Like I said above, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Lee Singleton
Gamerz Events Ltd