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YCS Paris: Analysing the Decks

Yesterday evening I got a Private Message on DuelistGroundz from "Jhub" a well-known user over there. He's got a blog of his own and asked me to check it out, which I did, and I present to you his latest article, analysing the Top 16 Decklists from YCS Paris. Feel free to check it out on his site too!

In a standard YCS event like Charlotte or Anaheim, I think there are enough coverage outlets and forum threads to help us understand what has topped and what those lists are comprised of. With this knowledge, we can accurately assess what the top 32 will be comprised of before it even begins. Standard picks like Gravekeeper's, Six Samurais, Miracle Hero, etc were all expected to make up the top 32 in Anaheim considering our meta in North America is centered around previous events, and these 3 decks plus more had done well at Charlotte. However, one event that sort of flew under the radar in "the North American world" was YCS Paris, an event in France that took place one week after Anaheim. Stephan Sluis was the winner, I think he qualified for Worlds last year [PJ's note: He made Top 8, and 2nd at Euros] so props to him on a very good year so far, Yohann Descamps and Vincent Ralambomiadana made top 4. I have heard they're some of the best French players and Vincent even won SJC Columbus here in 2009 (an event I bubbled in :( ). But anyways, on to the good stuff, the decklists!


First things that standout, yes that is not a typo, 2 Disaster Dragons made top 16. I'm not sure how they did that but there they are. I think for the most part if I actually felt like building Disaster Dragon then I think those lists are ideal. I heard one of them is a back-to-back top cut finisher for events in Europe [PJ's note: Kim topped Milan, yes] so props to him for doing so well with a deck that's fairly...rogue.

The rest of the lists seem somewhat standard. KMP made another token appearance in top 32. It's a decent deck but people need to realize that it won't ever reach the same standard as it was before the banlist. The deck has an uncanny ability to throw level 8s out there like it's nothing but Dragunities do the same thing and don't get fucked up by Cyber Dragon (standard side card in ALL decks) and Dragunities have the advantage of being able to use Legionnaire which can be quite ridiculous. I would argue KMP is purely a fun deck and if taken to a big event would be all luckbox if they did well.

The Six Samurai lists are pretty perfect/standard. It looks like they're all apart of the same group or whatever based on the main decklist but their sides were pretty different. I love the main deck Yaichi, I liked Enishi in testing before but it serves as such a dead card in the GK matchup that I think using Yaichi over it is perfectly fine. In my new Samurai build I have deserted Enishi as well, it's a good card in a lot of matchups but when it's dead against a deck you should be playing against a lot in big tournaments then that could be several losses added to your tournament record which you can never afford.

Now we reach the Gravekeeper lists. There are only 2 which I know is a small sample size...but wow. One list has no Pots and no Warnings (what I thought were absolute essentials to this deck, guess not lol!) [PJ's note, I think the guy should be commended for proving that budget building can be good], and mains 2 Veiler (not terrible but not optimal as well, I guess better with no Warnings). I don't hate this guy for not wanting to shell out for Pots or Warnings or letting his friends use them, I mean if I wanted to play budget-Keepers by list would look eerily similar, but taking a deck like Gravekeepers which strives on its ability to go through its deck every single game while being able to negotiate tempo based on your opponents cards, not having Pots or Warnings puts you at a serious disadvantage vs every deck that does. If I didn't have Pots or Warnings to use, I wouldn't play Yugioh. The next list actually has 3 Pots in the main deck but no Solemn Warning [PJ's note: He runs 2 Warning in the main, it's a Typo where the Bottomlesses should be]. This I just don't understand, I know Pots are more expensive but I'd shell out for Warnings before Pots anyday (cheaper and needed more). Not a terrible list otherwise, Rite of Spirit is different but I don't hate it.

The X-Saber lists look really good. I like a lot of their picks and Stephan obviously won the event so can't really knock him. The Chaos decks look standard except for the actual Chaos deck which actually looks fairly decent. Although I don't think it's as good as Chaos Plants, Chaos decks in general have a very good matchup versus Samurai decks and if built properly can do well against GKs (obviously not a favorable matchup but there are ways to try and beat it). It can be a very good meta call for a big event like this and for these duelists it obviously paid off. There was only one deck that resembled Angel Flores' list and it was built almost exactly the same save a few tech choices, Miracle Fusion no where to be found however.

Overall, I don't hate these lists but I think there is definitely room for improvement. I loved all of the Samurai lists, but hated a lot of the other decks for reasons explained. Once again I want to congratulate Stephan Sluis for winning the event as well.

For a little something about my week, I have a regional this weekend I am attending in San Jose, CA. If you will be there too feel free to say hi! I'm sure if you're into the blog thing and you know Mr. Death Aspect he will be able to direct you to me. I'm not sure what I'm playing yet, it's a fairly awkward time to have a regional because it's before EXVC and after Trishula so the decks can be pretty diverse. These regionals average like 300-400 people so everything is up in the air. Next Decklist Review column probably won't be until a regional after EXVC or Orlando. Orlando should be a good event, sucks I won't be there. Good luck to everyone that will be!

- Jhub