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All the action from the French National Championship

Yesterday I posted what I knew of Sunday's French National Championship results, and in the meantime the rest of's coverage has gone online. If you can read French (or use Google Translate) head on over to read up on everything from the weekend.

2011 Yu-Gi-Oh! WCQ: French National Championship
(482 Duelists)

Winner: Alain Ly (Chaos Plant)
Finalist: Victor Steinberg (Tengu Plant)

Top 4: Anthony Alonso (Six Samurai)
Top 4: Maximilien Borioli (Tengu Plant)

Top 8: Dimitri Bellaiche (Blackwings)
Top 8: Gerard Georges (Blackwings)
Top 8: Jacky Boyer (Six Samurai)
Top 8: Sebastien Pieraseth (Gravekeepers)

Deck Breakdown

104 Six Samurai
66 Plant Synchro (inc. variants)
48 Gravekeepers
23 X-Sabers
17 Monarch
16 Blackwings
15 Gemini Hero
14 Gladiator Beasts
12 Anti-Meta
12 Lightsworn
11 Karakuri (inc. variants)
9 Disaster Dragon
9 Scrap
8 Dragunity
7 Machina
6 Worms
6 Macro
99 Other