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All the action from YCS Orlando

The past weekend has certainly been a busy one for Duelists across the globe. While 8 National Championships were taking place across 3 TCG regions most of the attention was on Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Orlando. As ever Jason, Mike and the rest of the American Coverage Team were at the event in the United States and you can read all the coverage here. Links to all YCS Orlando articles are also posted below, enjoy!


Top 32 Decklists

Feature Matches

The Final: Juan Morales vs Traviis Massengale
Semi-Finals: Sean McCabe vs Traviis Massengale
Semi-Finals: Vincent Cassello vs Juan Morales
Quarter-Finals: Vincent Cassello vs Phillip Smith
Quarter-Finals: Juan Morales vs James Ashley
Top 16: Robert Boyajian vs Moises Rodriguez
Top 16: Jordan Faulkenberry vs Traviis Massengale
Top 32: Luke Patterson vs Kyle Chen
Top 32: Jonathan Harrison vs Jason Gilbert

Round 10: Christopher Burrows vs Amanda LaPalme
Round 10: Alex Vansant vs Kenneth McCarthy
Round 9: Matthew Nunn vs Ryan Spicer
Round 8: Jonathan Cortez vs Juan Morales
Round 8: Kenneth McCarthy vs Joseph Giorlando
Round 7: Joathan Harrison vs Matt Williamson
Round 6: Juan Morales vs Anthony Alvarado
Round 6: Alex Vansant vs Patrick Hoban
Round 5: Frazier Smith vs Jeff Jones
Round 4: Luke Patterson vs Stephen Silverman
Round 3: Victor Santana vs Ali Yassine
Round 2: Oliver Tomajko vs Dylan Lee
Round 2: Alexander Thomas vs Justin Bunts
Round 1: Alex Reynolds vs Javier Trejo
Round 1: Zackery Biscardi vs Sam Cooper

Dragon Duel Finals: Oliver Tonajko vs Kyle Chen
Public Event Finals: Matt Hattershade vs Alex Reynolds

Deck Features

Luke Patterson's Granel Scraps
Matthew Nunn's Ascetic Samurai
Alexander Thomas' T.G. Deck
Victor Santana's Heralds of Hope
Alex Vansant's Tengadget Synchro
Alex Reynolds' Nebula Worms

Tech Updates

Extreme Victory
Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's Triumph
"Good Ol' Cards"

Quick Questions

Favourite member of Team 5D's?
How to beat 'Turn 1 Shi En'?
How big are your local tournaments?
Your trip to the YCS!
Favourite Gold Series 4 card?
Favourite Extreme Victory card?


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YCS Anaheim: Individual Card Stats
Attack of the Monsters!

Other News and Updates

And the winner is...
The Quarter-Finals are underway!
Top 16 Pairings
Top 32 Pairings
YCS First-Timers!
Round 4 Top Table Update
Sunday's Dragon Duel Finalists!
Welcome to YCS Orlando!