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The Aperture Initiative: Now on sale in-store!

In the past week I launched my latest poster series, The Aperture Initiative, a LOST/Portal mashup combining the visual style of Portal with the shady Dharma Initiative from LOST. I got some test prints done while processing the Formula 1 poster orders for this week and they came out quite well, so everything's gone to plan and they're available in-store right now!

If you head to the store you'll find 3 products relating to The Aperture Initiative. Each product contains 2 posters, which are very long and narrow (like the signs in Portal) and are available as a set. If you're interested in these feel free to have a look at the store links below, and feel free to provide some feedback on them too (either here in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter)!

Pick up the first 2 posters here!

Pick up posters 3 & 4 here!

The final 2 posters are available here!