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Greek National Championship Feature Matches

As you're well aware by all the WCQ banners on The Irish Duelist the "Road to Worlds" stepped up a notch last weekend with the start of the European Nationals Season in Greece. We already know the winners and the Decklists but there's still more info coming out, including Feature Matches.

Follow this link to the Greek Yu-Gi-Oh! Coverage site and you'll find all the updates there.

In other news we got our first look at the WCQ Prize cards (well, one of them anyway), thanks to the Greek Champion himself. The set's still sealed though as he's planning to sell the 3 cards, which is why we've only got a pic of 1 of the 3 cards you get for winning a WCQ*.

* It's unknown at this time whether these will also be the prize cards for North America, as the 3 cards are already confirmed to be released as SHONEN JUMP Magazine tie-ins.