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New Project: The Aperture Initiative

Last week I posted a little bit about the new poster series I was working on, and in the meantime you may have seen me post a few updates on Twitter, Flickr etc. as I moved from the sketchbook to the computer I'm pleased to say that the project's completed now, and you can view the posters below!

What you're looking at is a LOST/Portal hybrid, taking the visual style of the signs in Portal (the first game, I haven't bought Portal 2 yet) and applying them to the various plot elements of ABC's hit TV series, with a seperate poster for each season.

These posters will be available in the store real soon; I sent a test file off to the printers to go with this week's Formula 1 orders and will see how it turns out tomorrow/Friday when the posters come back. If everything goes to plan they'll be ready to order from next week onwards.

Feel free to share these with anybody who you think might be interested in taking a look, and don't forget that I'm always available on twitter for a chat if you need to know more about this or any of my work :)

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