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Results from Greek National Championship

The journey to the 2011 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship has already begun with yesterday's Greek National Championship.

Details about the event results are slowly filtering in, but here's what we know so far:

2011 Greek National Championship
208 Duelists > 26 European Championship Invites

1st: Alexis Iliadis (Gravekeepers)
2nd: Chris Bountalidis (Gravekeepers)

Top4: Bill Koltoudis (Lightsworn/Twilight)
Top4: Christos Anestakis (X-Sabers)

Top8: Stavros Papadopulos (Gravekeepers)
Top8: Apostolos Greventis (Gravekeepers)
Top8: Giannis Tato (Chaos Plants)
Top8: Christos Mourikis (Six Samurai)

If anybody finds any more information please feel free to notify me via Twitter or Facebook (links on the right) and I'll update this.

[UPDATE: 10.11pm]

There's now a Greek Coverage page on Facebook (and a blog page here), Feature Matches (most likely YouTube videos) will be added to it shortly. Here's some pics of the event + the new WCQ playmat: