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Want to join Team United Gosus? Read on!

As you're all aware by now the 2010 "Nationals Season" is well underway and the eyes of the Dueling world will be on the top teams of Duelists from each country and how well they'll do at their prospective National Championships.

Team United Gosus will be hoping to take home 3 National Championships (Ireland/UK, Germany and Austria) as well as 2 WCQ titles (European and North American Championships) this year, aiming to emulate the success of 2009 where we won the European Championship and several National Championships as well.

As ever, United Gosus aims to stay at the top fo the Dueling world and to do that we need to develop new talent, so we're looking for more Duelists to join the team! If you're interested, feel free to sign up to the United Gosus forum and send in an application!

Apply to become a member of Team United Gosus

Source: United Gosus

Dear applicants, Team United Gosus is currently accepting applications from potential players who will represent us at Premeire, Non-Premeire, Regional and Local events. As part of Team United Gosus, you will:
  • Work closely with some of the premiere talents in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game to better develop your skills.
  • Have access to all of our extensive archives and other player resources.
  • Have a voice in the decision making process of the future of Team United Gosus.
  • Travel the world to face off against top competitors from all corners of the globe.

If you believe you have what it takes to get through our highly selective and competitive admissions process then we encourage you to submit your application today.

Application Requirements.
Please start a new thread in the Applications forum with your name and what country you are applying from as the thread title, copy and paste our application form and fill out all required fields.

The position you will be applying for is the Player position. You must be able to reference your accomplishments in premiere and non-premiere events via links to event coverage, feature matches, youtube videos, or another medium. You must also have met one or more members of Team United Gosus, at least once, before applying. All other positions and team opportunities will be posted in the application forum by a United Gosus member based on availability and demand.

Proficiency in German and/or English is a necessity for team communication.

Processing Procedure.
Once submitted, you will be notified by a United Gosus representative, usually within 1-3 business days, that your application is currently being processed. During processing, your application will be discussed and then voted upon by our members. You will receive a response once a majority vote has passed. Processing time will vary greatly depending on the length of discussion and vote.

Application Approval.
Once your application has been approved, you will be admitted to a one-year internship/test membership with Team United Gosus. At the conclusion of your internship, your performance will be evaluated to decide if you will be promoted to permanent membership, allowed to continue a new year-long internship, or if you will be terminated. Please note that you may also be promoted or have your internship terminated based of your performance and conduct at any time during your internship.