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WCQ: European Championship 2011 to be held in Madrid

A recent Judge call has gone out for the WCQ: European Championship, and it confirms the date and location of the event.

Source: Konami Judge Forum (snippet only)
Dear Judges,

At this time, I would like to inform you about the opportunity to judge at the European Championship 2011, which will take place on July 16 / 17, in Madrid.

More information on the European Championship can be found on our webpage, http://www.yugioh-card.com.

Here's all the info that's currently known about the European Championship then, when the venue itself is announced check back here on The Irish Duelist for the details.

WCQ: European Championship 2011
Date: July 16/17
Location: Madrid, Spain
Number of invites to World Championship: 4

Last year's results:
Winner: Rodrigo Togores (Frog FTK)
2nd: Stephan Sluis (Infernities)
Top4: Stefano Memoli (Stun)
Top4: Sebastien Gonzalez (X-Sabers)
Top8: Abid Arshad (Frog Monarchs)
Top8: Ying Jun Qi (Infernities)
Top8: Leo Giner (X-Sabers)
Top8: Yohann Descamps (X-Sabers)