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All the action from YCS Providence

Here's all the links you need for everything that happened at YCS Providence this weekend.


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Feature Matches

Finals: Lainez Diaz vs. Tyree Tinsley
Semi-Finals: Peter Nguyen vs. Tyree Tinsley
Quarter-Finals: Nathaniel Jadotte vs. Adam Moshinsky
Top 16: Stephen Carella vs. Lainez Diaz
Top 16: Luke Mattingly vs. Frazier Smith
Top 32: Anthony Alvarado vs. Robert Nguyen
Top 32: Guillermo Morales vs. Collin Reilly

Round 10: Recky Levia vs. Sorosh Saberian
Round 10: Paul Clarke vs Paul Levitin
Round 9: Chris Hernandez vs. Thomas Sharp
Round 9: Nick Bottino vs. Bryan McDermott
Round 8: Josh Graham vs. Paul Levitin
Round 8: Chris Gong vs. Luke Mattingly
Round 7: Colin Reilly vs. Henry Williams
Round 7: Cerbhail Guler-Carasquillo vs. Mark Lundin
Round 6: Christopher Csikortos vs. Wilson Tsang
Round 5: Marc Hahn vs. Willie Newsome
Round 4: Anthony Alvarado vs. Benny Esteves
Round 3: Romario Luari vs. Sorosh Saberian
Round 2: Corey Roca vs. Victor Santana
Round 1: Tyler Clark vs. Chris Lockwood

Public Event Finals: Christopher Rodriguez vs James Neumann
Public Event Finals: Billy Brake vs. Jesus Santos
Public Event Semi-Finals: Nicholas Montano vs. James Neumann
Public Event Semi-Finals: Ricardo Escobar vs. Jesus Santos

Sunday Dragon Duel Final: Michael Kokovidis vs Oliver Tomajko
Saturday Dragon Duel Final: Jake Chammas vs. Benjamin Leverett

Deck Features

Nick Bottino's Psychics
Victor Santana's Vayu Turbo
Lou Orem's Karakuri Banish Deck
Marc Hahn's Fairy Deck
Brian Prange's Counter-Glads
Wilson Tsang's WATER Synchro Deck
The Agents of Alvarado and Levitin
Sorosh Saberian's Fabled Tengu Deck

Tech Updates

Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite

Quick Questions

How are you dealing with Reborn Tengu?
Your favourite low ATK monster?
Favourite Gold Series 4 card?
Favourite Side Deck card?


YCS Orlando card breakdown.
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Other News and Updates

And the winner is...
Semi-Final results.
Quarter-Final results.
Top 16 results.
Top 32 results.
Top Table Update: Round 5
Welcome to Rhode Island!