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Deck Profile: Anti-Meta Counter Fairies!

Welcome to my first "Deck Profile" here on The Irish Duelist. This week we're looking at an Anti-Meta Counter Fairy build, a deck that I feel has a lot of potential this format. Card wise, it's actually more like your typical Anti-Meta deck than what you'd expect from Counter Fairies. The reason for this is that rather than attempt to do random cool plays like pull off a Van'Dalgyon or return Warnings to your hand with Harvest Angel, you simplify and control the field with cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, and gain pluses from Bountiful Artemis when you activate useful Counter Traps like Solemn Warning, Divine Wrath, Dark Bribe, etc. It's a super consistent deck that I really like this format, and hopefully you will too. Let's start by checking out the main deck:

Main Deck:

[Monsters - 17]:
[3]: Bountiful Artemis
[3]: Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
[2]: Thunder King Rai-Oh
[2]: D.D. Warrior Lady
[2]: Snowman Eater
[1]: Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
[1]: Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
[1]: Penguin Soldier
[1]: Cyber Dragon
[1]: Honest

[Spells - 9]:
[3]: Pot of Duality
[2]: Forbidden Lance
[1]: Nobleman of Crossout
[1]: Monster Reborn
[1]: Book of Moon
[1]: Dark Hole

[Traps - 14]:
[3]: Dark Bribe
[2]: Solemn Warning
[2]: Divine Wrath
[2]: Dimensional Prison
[1]: Torrential Tribute
[1]: Royal Oppression
[1]: Solemn Judgment
[1]: Mirror Force
[1]: Magic Drain

(Average Hand = 3 Monsters, 2 Traps, 1 Spell)

The main deck's full of disruption. Monster wise, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Thunder King Rai-Oh, D.D. Warrior Lady, Snowman Eater, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, and Penguin Soldier all do something to either take down threats or force the opponent to find an out to them. Spell wise, Forbidden Lance acts as a pseudo-Honest for any of the deck's Monsters and keeps your Monsters safe from Bottomless Trap Hole, Dimensional Prison, etc., and Nobleman of Crossout removes the Monsters the opponent's likely to set once Fossil Dyna hits the field. Trap wise, every Trap either gets rid of a Monster, a Spell, or a Trap.
There isn't much else to say about the main deck, so let's take a look at the deck in action!

Counter Fairies vs. Infernity

Game One:

I won the die roll and chose to go first. My opening hand consisted of two Forbidden Lance, Torrential Tribute, Honest, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, and a Bountiful Artemis. I summoned Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, set two Forbidden Lance and a Torrential Tribute, and ended my turn.

My opponent drew for his turn, and played Reinforcement of the Army to get an Armageddon Knight from his deck to his hand. He Summoned it, sending Infernity Avenger to his Graveyard, and then tried to attack over my Fossil Dyna Pacycephalo with his Armageddon Knight. Wanting my Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo to stay alive, I activated Forbidden Lance, dropping Armageddon Knight to 800 ATK.
My opponent set a spell/trap and ended, somewhat disappointed.

I drew Pot of Duality on my next turn, played it, and revealed Solemn Warning, another Pot of Duality, and a Dimensional Prison. I took Solemn Warning and sent the other two back to my deck. I then Normal Summoned Bountiful Artemis. Fossil Dyna attacked for 1200 and Bountiful Artemis hit for 1600. I set Solemn Warning in Main Phase 2 and ended my turn.

My opponent drew, set a Monster, and ended with an increasingly large backrow.

I drew Mirror Force for my turn, attacked into an Infernity Necromancer with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, then set Mirror Force.

My opponent drew and activated a Pot of Duality, revealing Infernity Barrier, Solemn Warning, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He decided to take Mystical Space Typhoon, somewhat to my confusion, and returned Solemn Warning and Infernity Barrier to the deck. He proceeded to set another Monster and called it a turn.

I drew Cyber Dragon on my turn, summoned it by Tributing Bountiful Artemis, attacked over Infernity Necromancer with it, and ended my turn. During my End Phase, my opponent activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy my second, and last, Forbidden Lance.

On his next turn, he flipped Dark Grepher, but I chained Solemn Warning to negate its Summon. He then activated Dark Eruption, grabbing Armageddon Knight, and Summoned that to pitch a Stygian Street Patrol. After that, he attacked Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo with his Armageddon Knight, but I saved it with Mirror Force. He ended his turn.

I drew Solemn Judgment for the turn, attacked directly with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and Cyber Dragon to put my opponent at 1300 Life Points, set Solemn Judgment, and ended my turn.

My opponent drew into Mystical Space Typhoon on his turn and almost instantly activated it to destroy my set Solemn Judgment. He thought for a moment about his next move, then set a Monster and a Spell or Trap card, and ended his turn.

I drew a Snowman Eater. In my Battle Phase I attacked into yet another Infernity Necromancer with Cyber Dragon, dropped him down to 100 Life Points thanks to Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, and set the Snowman Eater I drew earlier in Main Phase 2.

He top decked into an Infernity Necromancer and attacked my Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo with it for 600 damage.

I draw into another Snowman Eater on my next turn, considered not attacking for a moment, but decided (correctly) to attack over Infernity Archfiend for game.

We moved on to Game Two with Counter Fairies on top!

Game Two:

No die roll here, so my opponent chose to go first, of course. He set a Monster and a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn.

I drew for the turn and added a Snowman Eater to my opening hand of two Divine Wrath, Royal Oppression, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. I Summoned Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, set my three Traps, and passed the turn.

My opponent set another Spell or Trap card and ended his turn.

I drew a Pot of Duality and played it, revealing Dimensional Prison, Nobleman of Crossout, and Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. I took the Nobleman of Crossout and promptly used it on his face-down Snowman Eater. I then Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, attacked with it and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo for 3100 damage, and ended my turn.

My opponent set a monster and ended his turn.

I drew Dark Hole, attacked into his second Snowman Eater with Thunder King Rai-Oh, and he attempted to destroy Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo with It, but I chained Divine Wrath to its effect and discarded the Dark Hole I drew earlier to save my Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. After that, I ended my turn.

My opponent drew a card and activated his set Infernity Inferno, pitching Infernity Avenger and a second Infernity Inferno to send Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Necromancer to his Graveyard. He then sat for a moment, and joked (about my backrow), “Which one is Solemn Warning?” (neither was, although Royal Oppression came pretty close in this situation). He took a guess, and destroyed my set Divine Wrath with Mystical Space Typhoon. He sighed a sigh of mixed relief, then Summoned Infernity Archfiend and attacked over Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. He entered Main Phaes 2, attempted to activate Monster Reborn, but I activated Royal Oppression and negated it. Finally, he set a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn.

I drew another Pot of Duality and revealed two Dark Bribes and a Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo with its effect. I chose to take one of the two Dark Bribes, and then set it and a Snowman Eater.

My opponent attacked my face down Snowman Eater with his Infernity Archfiend, lost it and 100 Life Points, and then ended his turn.

I drew another Dark Bribe, swung for 1900 with Thunder King Rai-Oh, and set the Dark Bribe that I drew. During my End Phase, my opponent flipped one of his face down Dust Tornadoes to try and destroy my Royal Oppression, but I negated it with Dark Bribe. He drew a card.

My opponent then activated the Dark Eruption he drew thanks to my Dark Bribe, brought back Infernity Necromancer with it, then set that Infernity Necromancer and ended his turn.

I drew into, and Summoned, a Fossil Dyna Pachcephalo on my next turn. Not much reason to attack into what I knew was an Infernity Necromancer, so I ended my turn without an attack.

My opponent set another Monster on his next turn and passed.

I top decked a Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, attacked into Infernity Necromancer with it to return both Monsters to the hand, and then ended my turn.

He set the Monster I returned (Infernity Necromancer) and ended his turn.

I drew into a D.D. Warrior Lady this time, played it, and took 500 damage to remove Infernity Necromancer from play.

My opponent drew a card, set it, then set a Monster.

I draw another Dark Bribe, Summoned Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, then attacked to return one of his face down Monsters to his hand. I ended my turn afterwards.

My opponent drew another card, thought for a moment, checked his Graveyard, thought some more, and finally decided to set a Monster and a Spell or Trap card.

I drew into Bountiful Artemis and decided to play it rather than continue my Neo-Spacian Grand Mole schemes. I ended without an attack.

Mystical Space Typhoon (kind of) hit the field next turn, but I chained Dark Bribe again, and we both draw a card (I drew Solemn Warning). My opponent activated Foolish Burial next, I let it go through, and he sent Infernity Necromancer to his Graveyard. He then activated Giant Trunade, but I Dark Bribe'ed that, too, and drew another Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo thanks to Bountiful Artemis’ effect. He set a Monster and a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn. Had fun with Dark Bribe that turn.

On my turn I drew into a Dimensional Prison. I Summoned Neo-Spacian Grand Mole again, entered my Battle Phase and returned one of his Monsters to his hand, then attacked into an Infernity Necromancer with Thunder King Rai-Oh. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo attacked his third and final Monster, Infernity Mirage. I set two cards, then ended my turn.

My opponent set a Monster and ended his turn.

I got somewhat lucky and drew a Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind (an out to Infernity Necromancer), Summoned it, then dropped Infernity Necromancer to 1000 DEF with Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind's effect. My opponent activated Infernity Break before I went to attack, removed Infernity Inferno to destroy my set Dimensional Prison, then let me continue. I tried to attack with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo but had it and three other Monsters destroyed by my opponent’s Mirror Force. I ended my turn.

My opponent drew and set a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn.

I drew into a Snowman Eater and, playing defensively now, set it.

My opponent drew and set a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn.

I drew into and Normal Summoned a Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo (my third), and my opponent replied, “OMFG!”. Good times. I attacked his face down Infernity Avenger with it and ended my turn.

My opponent drew and set a Spell or Trap card and ended his turn. Déjà vu?

I drew into Bountiful Artemis, Summoned it, and flipped Snowman Eater to destroy his face up Infernity Necromancer. I then attacked with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo to take the match.


Counter Fairies win the match 2-0!

While I did make a few misplays in the match, you should be able to get the general idea of how the deck plays from the "feature". With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the deck's match-ups against this format's top tier decks:


Anti-Meta Counter Fairies have a really good Six Samurai matchup thanks to cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, D.D. Warrior Lady, Bountiful Artemis (plus off of their Musakanis), and Divine Wrath. Counter Fairies are one of the only decks in the current format that can both negate most of the Six Samurai plays as well as gain advantage on the Six Samurai player (the only other deck that can do this in the current format is Miracle/Gemini). 

Thanks to this, you shouldn't have to side much for the match-up. Typically, one to two Puppet Plant, and two Kinetic Soldier should be enough. Other than that, I'd save the room in my sideboard for decks that you actually have trouble with, as Six Samurais definitely shouldn't be one of them.

Plants are another one of the good match-ups for Anti-Meta Counter Fairies. Thunder King Rai-Oh, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Nobleman of Crossout, Divine Wrath, Dark Bribe (for Giant Trunade), and Royal Oppression all put in work against Plants, and that's almost half of our deck. You should easily beat this deck as long as you draw into any of the above. If for some reason you don't, you may lose, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

If you're looking for cards to side against Plants, Dimensional Fissure and Summon Limit are two of the best cards against this deck, in my opinion. Gozen Match/Rivalry of Warlords are good, too, but they usually hurt more than they help (unlike Summon Limit and Dimensional Fissure).

Yet another good match-up for Anti-Meta Counter Fairies. Thunder King Rai-Oh stops them from abusing Darksoul, D.D. Warrior Lady/Nobleman of Crossout remove Darksoul before they can even abuse it, Snowman Eater stalls and gets rid of their big Synchro Monsters, Fossil Dyna forces them to find an out if they want to win, Divine Wrath is awesome vs. Boggart Knight/Faultroll, and  Penguin Soldier keeps their spam under control. Basically, you have a bunch of outs to their cards, and they don't have many outs for your cards.

Like vs. Plants, Dimensional Fissure and Summon Limit wreck face in this match-up. Summon Limit makes Boggart Knight (mostly dead), Dimensional Fissure voids Darksoul's and Faultroll's effects, and overall both cards are really good choices against the deck. Siding in a second Cyber Dragon is also a pretty good idea in this matchup, as it's likely that the X-Saber player will side two Snowman Eater against us to stall and get rid of Thunder Kings/Fossil Dynas.

The Miracle/Gemini matchup is about equal, but it can sway either way depending on each player's builds. For example, if the Miracle/Gemini player runs multiple Cyber Dragons, two or more Miracle Fusion, and a Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, the match-up will usually be in the Counter Fairy player's favor. However, if they only run one or two Cyber Dragons and no Miracle Fusions, they'll probably have a better match-up as Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and Divine Wrath will be sub-par. Snowman Eater and Dark Bribe are really good cards in this match-up, though, as Snowman Eater forces out removal and Dark Bribe stops that removal.

The best side cards in this match-up are probably Kinetic Soldier and Puppet Plant. While Kinetic Soldier can be run over by a Thunder King Rai-Oh or Cyber Dragon, it puts in work against Alius, Stratos, and most of their Fusion Monsters. Puppet Plant also lets you get "over" their big Fusion Monsters, take free swings, or to just Synchro with them if you have a Gale at the ready. Overall, if you play well and don't waste your resources, you shouldn't have an overly hard time against this deck.

I know that there are more match-ups I could cover, but the above four are the four that you can expect to play the most at any competitive event today.

Anyway, that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the article, and if you have any comments, questions, or anything else, just let me know.