Results from Week 6 of 'Nationals Season'. | The Irish Duelist

Results from Week 6 of 'Nationals Season'.

We're only a few days away from the biggest weekend of the 2011 Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championship season with Duelists from the UK and Ireland, Germany, Holland, Portugal and a few others all competing for their national titles. That's "Week 7", but let's focus on Week 6 today with the following known results from the weekend's action.

2011 Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championship schedule : Week 6


New Zealand

2011 Polish National Championship

No information.

2011 Estonian National Championship

Winner: Jurgen Hints (Gladiator Beasts)
Finalist: Matt Lille (Machina Gadget)
Top 4: Mihkel Kukk (Gladiator Beasts)
Top 4: Lauri Lani (Monarchs)
Top 8: Alar Hange (Lightsworn)
Top 8: Henri Pirs (X-Sabers)
Top 8: Martin Einblau (Lightsworn)
Top 8: Hardy Kallas (Macgina Gadget)

Top 8 Decklists (Registration required).

2011 Italian National Championship

Winner: Fabio Minicozzi (Fabled)
Finalist: Marco Mazzuoccolo (Gladiator Beasts)
Top 4: Michele Bergamasco (Infernity)
Top 4: Riccardo Lari (X-Sabers)
Top 8: Yijie Lin (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Lorenzo Susini (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Giovanni Pecunia (Machina Gadget)
Top 8: Loca DeAngelis (Plant Monarch)

Full event coverage.
Top 32 Decklists.

2011 Spanish National Championship

Winner: Juan Manuel Lopez (Tengu Plant)
Finalist: Alejandro Ropero (Worms)
Top 4: Abel Munne Morera
Top 4: Juan Manuel Nuet (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Adrian Perera Delgado
Top 8: Samuel Gutierrez
Top 8: Joan Florit Castro
Top 8: Raúl Fernández (Doppel Junk)

Full event coverage (Spanish).

2011 New Zealand National Championship

Winner: Kevin Lau (X-Sabers)
Top 8: ??? (Plant Synchro)
Top 8: ??? (Plant Synchro)
Top 8: ??? (Six Samurai)
Top 8: ??? (Six Samurai)
Top 8: ??? (Worms)
Top 8: ??? (Genex Monarch)
Top 8: ??? (Infernity)

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