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Results from Week 8 of 'Nationals Season'.

Here's the results from Week 8 of 'Nationals Season', the last week of National Championships in Europe. The next 2-3 weeks are all about the National Championships across Asia before the World Championship Qualifiers take place across the globe. Asian tournament results are notoriously tricky to get a hold of so if anybody can sort me out with results that'd be fantastic. This weekend it's Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.

2011 Croatian National Championship

Top 8: Kresimir Ledenko (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Joso Zrilic (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Gordan Bareza (Disaster Dragunity)
Top 8: Dejan Novosel (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Darijan Puljak (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Robert Cupkovic (Gladiator Beasts)
Top 8: Ante Didovic (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Robert Noskov (X-Sabers)

Event coverage and Decklists can be found here.

2011 Polish National Championship
Note: this event was postponed from its original date of June 4th.

Winner: Lukasz Strukowski (Tengu Plant)
Finalist: Piotr Slusarski (T.G. WATER Synchro)
Top 4: Richard Borzymowski (Six Samurai)
Top 4: Przemyslaw Zasonski (X-Sabers)
Top 8: Mateusz Wach (Gravekeepers)
Top 8: Piotr Zielinski (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Szymon Garczarek (Gravekeepers)
Top 8: Lukasz Gawel (Machina)

Decklists here (registration required).

2011 Czech National Championship

Top 8: Michal M.
Top 8: Marek J.
Top 8: Ladislav M.
Top 8: Martin J.
Top 8: Tiep N.
Top 8: Jakub M.
Top 8: David N.
Top 8: Martin C.

Coverage can be found here.

2011 Danish National Championship

Winner: Jakob Bentzen (Tengu Plant)
Finalist: Kevin Brandt (Six Samurai)
Top 4: Dario Rahimic (Chaos Flame)
Top 4: Rasmus Tang Christiansen (Tengu Plant)
Top 8: Simon Rask Andersen (Machina)
Top 8: Caroline R. Lind Hansen (D.D. Stun)
Top 8: Tom Weinreich (X-Sabers)
Top 8: Morten Christiansen (X-Sabers)

Decklists can be found here.