Top 1000 COSSY Playmats going out again. | The Irish Duelist

Top 1000 COSSY Playmats going out again.

Source: Konami

The future of our Top1000 player rewards

Dear Duelists,
Twice now we have rewarded the Top 1000 Duelists of a ranking season (3 months) with an exclusive playmat. We are happy to announce that this reward will continue throughout 2011 and will offer gamemats similar to this one:

Rating points earned at any and all official tournaments count toward the worldwide ranking. At the end of a season, the Top1000 Duelists will be determined and the mats will be mailed to them.

The current ranking season runs from April 1st until June 30th.
In order to receive their prize, Duelists must complete the COSSY registration process and enter their personal details before June 26 at*, so that their gamemat can be mailed to them.

Check the list of European Top 1000 players here!

Continue playing in sanctioned events to accumulate rating points! You can find a list of organizers who offer sanctioned events on this webpage, in the “events” section.

* In other words, it's too late to change your details, but if you dud it before (like when you got your previous playmat) you're okay.