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2011 TCG World Championship Roster (updated)

Here's a list of everybody competing in this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship. If any information below is inaccurate lease let me know.

Galileo de Obaldia

Hansel Aguero

Jeff Walker

Joseph Bogli

Thomas Mak

Samuel Pedigo

* "Syelu"

* "Prince"

* "Arthur"

* "Babble"

Aaron Denis

Kevin Matsuoka

Bo Tang

Michel Grüner

Luke Lennard

** Kim Just Jensen

Raúl Fernandez

José Cubero

José Carlos Ubilla Grijalva

Yang Young Deok

Liu Hoi Ki

Danial Ang

She Wei Hao

Pahnupak Kungjaroen

Kee Kian Sim

William Israel Sy

* Only nicknames are available for the Japanese Duelists. Please let me know if you find real names.
** Sammi Sekkoum (UK) finished 2nd at the European Championship, but is unable to attend so his invite passed down to his Top 8 opponent.