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Counterintuitive Dueling Theory: What Works, And What Doesn't

Fellow Konami strategy site writer Jason Grabher-Meyer's posted a rock-solid article over at TCGPlayer that I think more people should read, so click this link and take a look (snippet below).

A lot of the core theory work I've done writing for this site has talked about, or expanded upon, stuff that's axiomatic. Don't get me wrong: I definitely put some new stuff out there sometimes, and god knows I don't shy away from saying stuff that may be unpopular as long as I believe it's true. When I am treading worn ground, I like to think I at least do a pretty good job of it, consolidating information into readable pages and a pretty solid archive of material. But at the same time, there are also a few topics out there that – while more “fringe” theory than “core” theory per se – don't really see much discussion. Today, I want to touch on some of those topics to evaluate a few counterintuitive strategies that AREN'T so self-evident, and that currently lie on the outskirts of most Dueling discussions.

As fun as last week's meandering introduction was, let's hop right into things. We'll start with a topic we've heard more of lately, than perhaps ever before.