Heading off to Madrid. | The Irish Duelist

Heading off to Madrid.

Morning Duelists!

As you're all aware there's 2 major WCQ events taking place this weekend. In the United States we have the North American WCQ and over here in Europe the WCQ: European Championship is taking place in Madrid. I'll be heading to Spain to cover the event on Konami's European coverage page and I hope to see you all there.

One other thing I want to try for this event is to get people to post live updates on their progress. In order to do so just sign up to Twitter and use the hashtag #WCQMadrid when posting tweets from Madrid. Even if you're not on Twitter you can search for that hashtag and all the tweets using it will show so you're constantly updated on what's going on.

If you're attending please feel free to say hello, you'll find me behind a laptop all weekend but even a wave would do me fine if I'm not free to chat.

See you all there.