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The Stratos Deck

Whenever I'm at a big event I always bring 2 or 3 Decks with me, regardless of whether I'm competing or doing coverage and playing games in the hotel. The first is the main Deck of course (at the moment it's Tengu Plant) and the second is my Traditional Format Deck (just to show people what Makyura FTK can do). The third however is something I bust out whenever I want to have a laugh or show Duelists something new: The Stratos Deck.

The Stratos Deck was originally created in 2007 by Duncan Tang, when Elemental HERO Stratos was released in Europe as a Common promotional card (for the Pharaoh Tour). The original Deck had 40 copies of Stratos and while it could build up a consistent momentum it did have a few weaknesses, the big one being that if I Summoned Cyber Dragon, I'd win right away. Duncan's Deck was a lot of fun to play against though so I looked around for other cards to try out to make the Deck as insane as possible, and here's what I've been using for the past year or so:

The Stratos Deck:
19 Elemental HERO Stratos
1 Destiny HERO - Plasma
10 Hero's Bond
10 Get Your Game On!

This build covers most of the main weaknesses that Duncan's original variant had; Get Your Game On! gives every Stratos a massive ATK Boost to run over larger monsters and Destiny HERO - Plasma can take care of Spirit Reaper and similar cards. Hero's Bond is there to speed up the action and flood the field with Stratoses. Whenever I control a HERO, Hero's Bond lets me drop 2 more from my hand, and since they're Summoned at the exact same time neither Stratos will miss its timing (I believe this is the case, please inform me if it isn't). A common play is to Summon a Stratos, add another to my hand, play Hero's Bond, drop 2 more, and add 2 more to my hand. Combine that with Get Your Game On! and OTKs are frequently possible. If there's enough Stratos on the field then one can be used to clear away several Spells and Traps in an instant.

The cool thing about Get Your Game On! is that each copy will "stack", so if I play 1 each Stratos has 3600 ATK, and a second will bump them all up to 7200 ATK. With 5 on the field + 5 Stratos it's possible to attack directly for over a quarter of a million points of damage in a single turn, though this is obviously very rare.

Often after a few games against regular Decks people ask about the mirror-match so I split the Deck into 2 (taking out a Plasma and a Stratos so both Decks are even) and several HERO monsters hit the field. The interesting thing about the Stratos mirror is that it's the one matchup where you want to go second. If you do you can flood the field with your monsters and destroy your opponent's copies of Get Your Game On! before playing your own to run over their field.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to further improve this Deck let me know as there's still a few things it's weak against but either way pick up some copies of the cards (you may have to proxy Get Your Game On!) and have some fun with it yourself!