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All the action from the YCS Indianapolis

This past weekend there was a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event at GenCon Indianapolis and as always Konami was on-hand to provide live tournament coverage. You can read all about it here, and all the individual articles are linked below!

Feature Matches:

Main Event:
Final: Robert Boyajian vs Joseph Franzo
Semi-Final: Robert Boyajian vs Justin Delhon
Quarter-Final: Dalton Bousman vs Marcus Paternoster
Top 16: Grant Kelly vs Conrad Selig
Round 8: Grant Kelly vs Steven Sandler
Round 7: Christopher Krause vs Luis Zambrana
Round 6: Robbie Kohl vs Jehanzab Siddiqui
Round 5: Marcus Paternoster vs Tyler Tabman
Round 4: William Presser vs Alex Vansant
Round 3: Augustin Herrera vs Sean Turner
Round 2: Matther Lenihan vs Joshua Thomas
Round 1: Jordan Grant vs Johnny Nagel

Public Events:
Sunday Dragon Duel: Brian Ahle vs Vinnie Silverman
Saturday Dragon Duel: Chris Moroch vs Vinnie Silverman

Deck Profiles:

Luis Zambrana: Malefic Skill Drain
Augustin Herrera: Anti-Meta Beasts
Johnny Nagel: Utopian Crystal Beasts

Pairings and Standings:

Top 16 Pairings
Round 9 Standings
Round 8 Standings
Round 7 Standings
Round 6 Standings
Round 5 Standings
Round 4 Standings
Round 3 Standings

Quick Questions:

Your favourite Turbo Pack 6 card?
Your favourite Generation Force card?

Other News, Features and Updates:

Robert Boyajian wins YCS Indianapolis!
Introducing Turbo Pack: Booster 6
Sunday's Top 4 Dragon Duelists
Saturday's Top 4 Dragon Duelists
Pocket Dueling!
Welcome to GenCon Indy 2011, and a new YCS prize card!