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Fun GENF combos with your older cards!

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Generation Force may appear to be all about the a era of Dueling and Xyz Summoning, but there’s also plenty of stuff in here that will work well with cards you already own! Here’s a few nifty little combos you can try out by combining your older cards with these new ones!

Gishki Diviner + Convulsion of Nature

Gishki Diviner is a Level 3 WATER monster with 1200 ATK, and once per turn you can guess what card is on the top of your Deck. You then reveal it and if you guessed right you get to add it to your hand! If you guess incorrectly the card goes to the bottom of the Deck, but if you combine Gishki Diviner with Convulsion of Nature that’ll never happen! Convulsion of Nature takes both Duelist’s Decks and flips them upside-down, so now every card is face-up and you get to see the top card of both Decks! This turns Gishki Diviner’s effect into a guaranteed free card every turn, and can also be combined with Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude to make the combo even stronger!

With Diamond Dude you can reveal the top card of your Deck, and if it’s a Spell Card you get to use its effect for free next turn. If it isn’t, it goes to the bottom of the Deck, but combined with Gishki Diviner and Convulsion of Nature that will let you look at another card you want to add to your hand if you don’t need the other one right now!

Asleep at the Switch + Upstart Goblin and Soul Taker

Asleep at the Switch is a Trap Card that destroys one of your opponent’s monsters if they gain Life Points by a card effect. Combine that with Upstart Goblin and you’ll get to destroy a monster and draw a card at the same time. You can also use Soul Taker to take down 2 monsters at once. Just like with Upstart Goblin your opponent will gain 1000 Life Points, but instead of drawing a card you destroy a face-up monster. This is a great way to quickly clear your opponent’s field and get some direct attacks in!

Quill Pen of Gulldos+ Reborn Tengu

We’ve seen several Decks use Reborn Tengu recently, and when there are none left in the Deck most Duelists will shuffle them back in with Pot of Avarice to draw 2 cards. While this is a great combo the hard part’s getting 5 monsters in the Graveyard to make it work. With Quill Pen of Gulldos, however you only need to have 2 WIND monsters in your Graveyard, and guess what, Reborn Tengu’s a WIND monster! Now you can send 2 copies back to your Deck to use their effects again, and on top of that you get to return 1 card on the field to the hand. One cool combo you can do is return 2 Reborn Tengu to the Deck, then send the third copy from your field to your hand. You get to Summon one of the returned copies from your Deck, and you can follow it up by Normal Summoning the in-hand Tengu to Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster!

Gagaga Magician + Diffusion Wave-Motion and Advance Draw

Gagaga Magician starts out as a Level 4 monster, but once per turn you can change that Level to anything between 1 and 8. That lets you use cards designed to combine with much larger monsters, like Diffusion Wave-Motion! If Gagaga Magician becomes a Level 7 monster, Diffusion Wave-Motion lets your Spellcaster attack every monster your opponent controls, and the monsters it destroys can’t activate their effects! Your opponent won’t be able to destroy a card with Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Special Summon Fluff Tokens with Dandylion, or even add a monster to their hand with Sangan!

Another card that you can use with Gagaga Magician is Advance Draw. Turn Gagaga Magician into a Level 8 monster and you can Tribute it to draw 2 cards!

These are just some of the combos you can pull off with Generation Force cards and the cards you’re using already. There’s plenty more things you can do as well, so be sure to look at every Generation Force card you get to see the vide variety of things you can do!