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The Irish Duelist and Twitter!

Attention Duelists! Today I want to make an exciting new announcement about the future of The Irish Duelist.

Over the past few years this blog has done so much for me in terms of Yu-Gi-Oh! and has become quite popular all around the world. It's even inspired several other Dueling fans to start their own blogs, which is great! That being said I've always wondered if I could do more with The Irish Duelist, and the evolution of the blog starts today.

The Irish Duelist now has its own dedicated Twitter feed, where you'll find live updates from various blogs and sites around the Dueling world. New feature match on the US coverage page? There's a link up. Have DuelingDays blogged about something cool from the OCG? Bam! Link is up. You get the idea and hopefully it'll prove useful to you all.

If you're on Twitter already feel free to follow @TheIrishDuelist and get the latest news from the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! as it happens (I use it myself as a resource too, found out about the TCG F/L list today from it). Even if you're not on Twitter, feel free to bookmark the page and check up on it every so often for the latest updates. If you're already following The Irish Duelist on Facebook bear in mind that the Twitter feed provides updates from several sites that the Facebook one does not, so you may want to keep tabs on it.

I've got a few other ideas about what to do with The Irish Duelist over the coming weeks as well, and as they go live I'll make further announcements.

Keep on Dueling!