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New Project: Transonik

Let's kick off August with a bang! Here's something I've been working on for the past few weeks, and I'm glad to announce that it's finally complete. Ever since I completed Fiorano last year I've been wanting to do another project in that style and after a lot of pre-planning to get thing right I dived into it over July. This poster will be available in the store real soon, should come out great in large format.

View it in my portfolio.
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Check out the "making of" video!

Like Fiorano, this project was inspired by the work of Martijn van Dam, as well as the WipEout games that I used to play years back. The music's from the Gaming Art Musica Electronica (v3.0) soundtrack. When working on Fiorano I really enjoyed figuring out how to actually draw the thing, and once I figured out how I always knew I'd come back to that kind of work to see if I can push the creation method to the limit.

The poster was created in 2 stages, the first being a 3D model and the second being the hi-res drawing itself. To be honest I only thought of making the 3D model after struggling with pages and pages of paper sketches trying to get perspectives and angles right (some of those original racecraft designs were cool though, I'll go back and turn one of them into a poster soon). I blogged about the 3D aspect of Transonik already so go have a read of it and check out the "making of" video (another thing inspired by Martijn's work) above. The screenshots were handled by Timesnapper and the video itself produces in After Effects.

With both Transonik and Fiorano I also had a lot of fun with the logos, trying to stick in some references wherever I could. For example, the track sector on Transonik are named "rastor" and "vactor", which designers will get right away. F1 fans will notice that DRS is apparently an aerodynamics company in the future as well! The "F10800" is an obvious nod to WipEout itself, as each game's racing series has a similar name/logo combo.

This was a real fun project to have a go at, and it's turned out a lot better than I thought it would. It'll be available in the store real soon so keep an eye out if you want a print for yourself!