Turbo Pack 6 revealed. | The Irish Duelist

Turbo Pack 6 revealed.

As many of you are aware GenCon Indianapolis is taking place this weekend and although the YCS doesn't start until tomorrow, Duelists have been competing in events since Thursday to get ready for the main one. Turbo Pack 6 made its debut at the event and the set contents have already made it to the Internet. Incase you haven't seen any news on the set here's what's in it:

Ultimate Rare:

Ultra Rare:


Super Rares:

Fishborg Blaster
Masked Dragon
Quickdraw Synchron
Chain Disappearance


Alector, Sovereign of Birds
Zombie Master
Armory Arm
Red Dragon Archfiend
Stardust Dragon
Black Garden


Bountiful Artemis
Golem Dragon
Kinetic Soldier
Transforming Sphere
Creature Swap
Fusion Gate
Gemini Spark
Magical Dimension

Turbo Pack 6 will be available in Official Konami Tournament Stores across the TCG real soon, so be on the lookout for these new reprints.