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Unofficial Irish National Championship takes place this month.

For the past 2 years, Ireland has had to share its National Championship with the United Kingdom, the 2010 event held in London and 2011's in Bristol. This has left several Irish players with a very slim chance of competing at this level because of the travel involved, and there hasn't been an Irish player competing at a European Championship since 2009. On top of that Ireland received no Regional Qualifiers this year so the only event(s) higher than locals level have been 2 Battle of the Kingdoms qualifiers back in February/March.

Later this month an unofficial Irish National Championship will take place in Dublin, and here's the information I've found on the event:

Irish "National Championship"

Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2011.
Location: UCD Students' Centre, Dublin City
Registration begins: 11.30
Event begins: 12.30
Cost of entry: €10

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Buses that stop by UCD:
Belfield (91 m NW) 2, 3, 11B, 18, 39B, 46A, 46N, 46X, 58X, 66X
Belfield Campus (79 m NW) 3, 10, 10A, 15X, 25X, 32X, 39A, 39X, 41X, 49X, 50X

Tournament format: Advanced, March 2011 Forbidden/Limited cards list applies.
X rounds of Swiss + Top 8 playoff.

Prizes (subject to change depending on attendance):
First prize: To be announced
Second prize: 2 Booster boxes
Third Prize: 1 Booster box
Fourth Prize: 20 Booster packs
Fifth Prize: 14 Booster packs
Sixth Prize: 10 Booster packs
Seventh Prize: 7 Booster packs
Eighth Prize: 5 Booster packs
Remaining players receive a participation prize.

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