September 2011 | The Irish Duelist

The Roundup: September 2011

Here's something I've been doing over at for the past 6 months, that I feel like trying out here as well, a brief roundup of what's taken place in Yu-Gi-Oh! and on the blog over the past month. You can find all this month's articles by clicking here.

Dragon Duel World Championship from 2012 onwards.

I got news of this via my inbox this morning, needless to say it's totally come out of the blue but I'm glad that younger Duelists will get the chance to emulate players like Galileo de Obaldia, Takashi Ogawa and Dario Longo in years to come.

Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck

The release of Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck is fast approaching, and is certainly going to change the face of the Advanced Format when it hits. Here's the blurb that the various TCG news sites have been publishing this week.

All the action from Croatia's "Summer Challenge 2011"

During this year's National Season you may have come across the event coverage and Decklists from the Croatian National Championship. At the start of the current format Croatia held its "Summer Challenge 2011", an unofficial event similar to The Irish Open. I was kindly sent the link to all the action from a Pojo user so here's a quick look.

Welcome to the new-look Irish Duelist.

If you've been on the blog over the weekend you may have noticed that The Irish Duelist looks a little different. This part of the personal rebranding I've been doing recently, but there's also a few new features added that I want to talk about, so here's a rundown of what's changed.

OCG Rulings clarifications for Extra Pack: Volume 4

Extra Pack: Volume 4 was recently released in the OCG and allows the region to catch up with the World Premiere cards that the TCG has received in in the past year or so. Various ruling clarifications were also posted on the OCG websites for the new cards, and some of them work a little differently to the way they do in the TCG, most notably XX-Saber Darksoul. Here's a brief rundown of the rulings, bear in mind that these rulings are for the OCG only, and the current TCG rulings for these cards still apply.