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Deck Update: TG (September 3rd)

Here's a little feature I plan on running for a while just to have a way of documenting how I'm doing. What I'll be doing here is posting up my Decklist after each event I take part in and giving a brief rundown of any changes and how I'm doing with it. The blog's evolved into more of a news site over the past year or so and I feel that I needed to add a personal touch to it again so here goes.

This is what I've decided to start the new format with, taking my Decklist from Irish Nationals and tweaking it for the new format.

While everybody seems to be going with Starlight Road as their go-to card to stop Heavy Storm I've decided to play Dark Bribe instead. First off although Heavy Storm's presence is something you have to be aware of again (you can't get away with Setting 5 cards and having no protection) it's not something that will show up every game, and if it does get played before you draw your Starlight, you've got a card that's only going to work against 1-2 cards at most (Dark Hole, Black Rose, Judgment Dragon in rare cases). Also, after running a single copy of Bribe at Nationals with positive results I feel it's a more stable and versatile card to go with and upped it to 2 because of "the Storm threat".

I've also swapped out the Thunder Kings (after some advice on the forums) and put in 2 King Tiger Wanghu and a Fossil Dyna to give the Deck a bit of an edge. Royal Oppression is Forbidden, and while Dyna isn't the ideal replacement it still has relevance and can be great at stopping cards like Gorz and Tragoedia as well as shutting down other strategies for a while. King Tiger's just an all-round good card (and I was siding it in almost every time at Nationals) while also being compatible with Horn of the Phantom Beast.

In terms of results I went undefeated at locals yesterday but not much can be taken from that result as it's not exactly YCS-standard, but I doubt I'll be playing in anything major for the next 6 months anyways (I'll hopefully be covering the next European YCS if/when it's on) so I'm just going to focus on doing as well as I can at a local level. Haven't built a new Side Deck yet as I'm still figuring out my local's new metagame, and I need to pick up a Steelswarm Roach to swap the second Utopia out for, but other than that I'm content with the Deck as it is.

Next time I change it I'll run another blog post but until then give the Deck a go if you like and feel free to add some feedback to the comment box below.

See you all soon.