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New Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast series.

It's always interesting to see Duelists and fans of the game use new media to express their thoughts on the game. The Irish Duelist was part of the blogging revolution that started when was still popular in 2008, and YouTube has been flooded with Yu-Gi-Oh!-themes channels since 2010. I've never seen a podcast on the game though and that's where today's blog post comes in.

If you're a Duelist in the UK you've probably heard of UkayPro, the country's main Yu-Gi-Oh! forum. The community over there has been experimenting with podcasts for a while now and here's the first of a new series, discussing the recent changes to the Forbidden/Limited list. Have a listen below:

Ukaypro Yugioh Podcast EP 1 by TheSuntanSuperman