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Off to England for a week.

This Summer has been surprisingly busy as I seem to spend every second weekend in a different city or country. Since July I've worked in Madrid and Amsterdam with Konami, competed in an event in Dublin and tomorrow I fly out to the UK for Flash on the Beach, a festival of sorts for designers, developers and artists.

This trip wasn't planned in advance by any means. I was interested in heading to the event for a while but the ticket price was out of my reach, especially when you consider flights and accommodation on top of that. Last week I got wind of a ticket giveaway though, took part, and on Tuesday morning I had a message in my inbox saying I won! After confirming the details I booked the cheapest flight/hotel I could find and I'll be heading out in the morning.

I'm going to be in England for all of next week. I land on the 10th, stay in Brighton for 8 nights and then fly home on the 18th. I'll be hanging out in London for a few days after FOTB is over and competing in a tournament over there while I'm at it. What all this means is that I might not be able to respond to emails and orders made through the store as quickly as I'd like to, and the blog(s) won't be updated as much while I'm away.

As for FOTB itself there's a few talks I want to make sure I catch, for inspiration and advice etc.:

Elliot Jay Stocks | With Great Power comes Great Responsibility
GMunk | Tron GFX
Jessica Hische | Lettering is not Fonts
Jon Burgerman | A short talk about Working and Not Working, and how to waste your time proficiently.
Angie Taylor | Kinetic Typography animation in Photoshop and After Effects
Cyriak Harris | Destroying my laptop with After Effects
James Victore | Who died and made me boss?
Eva-Lotta Lamm | Visual Improvisation, using playfulness to spark ideas.
James White | Back to the Future
Joshua Davis | The Unknown Voyage

It's certainly going to be an interesting week ahead; it's the first time I'll have been to one of these events so I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I'll bring a laptop along anyways so that I can create something in the evenings should I come up with a new poster concept or method of working I want to try out.

I may also post a daily diary of my experience at FOTB, not sure yet, we'll see how it goes!

See you all in a week.