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Yu-Gi-Oh! Advent Calendar

Towards the end of last week a product announcement was made on a German site about a new Christmas-themed product due to come out later this year. At the time of writing this blog post there's nothing on yugioh-card.com, but here's the info that's been made available so far:

Source: Spieletom

This year will shorten the wait for the biggest day of the year.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Advent calendar helps all the fans of Yusei
and his friends survive the days to Christmas well.

24 doors with great reinforcements for each deck!

The Advent calendar includes:
24 Limited Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! Foilkarten, including:
* 16 Super Rare Cards
* 7 Ultra Rare Cards
* 1 Ultra Rare card
* 1 Unlimited Edition Booster Extreme Victory

* 100% Foil: Contains 24 Limited Edition Foilkarten
* Only Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare Cards! No Commons! No normal Rare cards!
* Strong dragon in Advent - the big story in Yu-Gi-Oh! Kids
* Behind the door wait including the Stardust Dragon Archfiend and Rotdrachen
* Premiere: Formula sync for the first time as Foilkarte!

Other than what's been posted in that site there's not much we know about this product. There's rumours that it's European (or even German) exclusive, that it's reprints only, that it's full of chocolate etc.. We'll know soon enough exactly what details there are regrading this product when the official product page goes up on yugioh-card.com but for now feel free to speculate.