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The Roundup: October 2011

Here's a brief roundup of what's taken place in Yu-Gi-Oh! and on the blog over the past month. You can find all this month's articles by clicking here.

More info about YCS Brighton

YCS Brighton was announced recently and more information has been posted on Konami's website regarding the date, location and all the other essential details.

All the Yu-Gi-Oh! links you need.

Every so often I get messages from returning Duelists who are looking for forums or sites to help them get back up to speed with the game and find out what's changed since they last played at an event. Usually I send out a few quick links to the main forums but I felt it would be easier (and better for all involved) if there was a more permanent place to link people to, hence why I've put this list of top Yu-Gi-Oh! sites together.

All the action from YCS Columbus

YCS Columbus took place this weekend and was the debut event for Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld. It' was also the final YCS to take place before Photon Shockwave makes its grand appearance in the TCG. Konami provided coverage of the event which you can check out here, and all the links are below.

YCS Brighton announced.

It's been a while since Europe has had a YCS, the last being YCS Paris in April. Since then several countries have had National Championships, the European Championship went by in a flash and the Dueling world descended on Amsterdam for the World Championship itself. Since then there's been a bit of a wait but Europe's next major event was announced over the weekend.

New Project: TCG Source Logo

A few weeks ago I was asked by Oliver Gehrmann (who I designed the nexTab logo for) to come up with a design for TCG Source, a new website dedicated to providing card gamers with the latest news, videos and features. The site's due to (formally) launch soon, and the logo went live today.

Videos from Conclave II

Conclave is the convention that The Gathering (where I play my locals) holds every Summer and Autumn and as always there's some Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG events taking place. I made it to the final of both the Advanced and Traditional Format events on the Saturday, which you can view below.

YCS Columbos is this weekend.

Not long to go now until we have another YCS to follow, will be interesting to see how the top Decks have developed since YCSes Toronto and Ecuador last month.

(Spoiler) Yu-Gi-Oh! Adventskalender

Last month word broke from Germany about a Christmas-Themes product exclusive to that region. The reprint set would contain 24 cards, all Super Rare or higher, and 1 pack of Extreme Victory. The spoiler was posted from the same source earlier this week.

2011 Collectible Tins (Wave 2)

The press release for the 2011 Collectible Tins (Wave 2) made its way around the Internet yesterday. There's no new info (to those of us that frequent the YugiForums) as all the promos have already been revealed (check the links in the sidebar) but here it is regardless.

(Spoiler) Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck

The Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck is out next week in North America ans as is always the way with product releases, Europe gets it a few days early. With that in mind there is always some French/German site out there ready to reveal the contents of a set before anybody else, and it's no different for this product.

Quick eBay update.

Hi all, just a quick update on the mats I put up on eBay last week. The auctions expire tomorrow at about 6pm (GMT) and 2 mats have already been sold via private offer. You can find links to all the mats below as well as here in this link. Feel free to make a bid :)

Last minute advice for Conclave II.

Conclave, Limerick's big gaming convention, is back again next week and as always there's something for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists to compete in. If you're already following The Gathering's site you'll have seen this blog post yesterday but incase you haven't I've posted it here so there's no excuses for not being prepared!

YCS Kansas announced.

Konami have recently announced the next YCS to take place in North America. YCS Kansas will take place on November 19/20 making it the first Premier Level event that Photon Shockwave is legal for. All the details you need about the event can be found on Konami's events page.

Photon Sabre Tiger

My recent article on Photon Sabre Tiger is now up on the Konami Strategy Site. Tiger's a World Premiere card in the upcoming Photon Shockwave booster set and in the article I explain what it does and some quick and nifty combos you can pull off with it.

Six Samurai Card Sleeves

Over the past year or so Konami has been releasing its own line of card sleeves, such as Slifer the Sky Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon and so-on. The next set of sleeves will have Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En as the main image, and info about the new product spread yesterday evening.

Conclave II

Limerick's big gaming convention is back and as always there's some Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG events taking place. All the info about the convention is on The Gathering's website and here's the details that pertain to this card game we play on motorcycles.

Samurai Assault

About a month ago this product showed up on various (unofficial) websites but recently Konami posted the official info for Samurai Assault, a Special Edition pack which hits the shelves in early December.

Now selling various playmats on eBay

Over the years I've picked up several playmats, either from winning them in tournaments or getting them through trades. Unfortunately I now have too many but that's good news for you lot out there as I've put them up for auction.