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All the action from YCS Columbus

YCS Columbus took place this weekend and was the debut event for Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld. It' was also the final YCS to take place before Photon Shockwave makes its grand appearance in the TCG. Konami provided coverage of the event which you can check out here, and all the links are below.

Feature Matches:
Top 16
Top 32
Round 11
Round 10
Round 9

Semi-Final Pairings
Quarter-Final Pairings
Top 16 Pairings
Top 32 Pairings
Round 11 Standings
Round 10 Top Tables
Day 1 Standings
Round 9 Top Tables
Round 8 Standings
Round 7 Top Tables
Round 6 Standings
Round 5 Top Tables
Round 4 Standings
Round 4 Top Tables
Round 3 Standings
Round 3 Top Tables
Round 2 Standings

Dragon Duel:
Suncay Final: Ben Leverett vs Zach Leverett
Who's going to the 2012 WCQ?
Dragon Duels begin!

Tech Update:
Top 32
Taking on Dark World
Dark World Tech Choices
GENF Extra Deck additions

Quick Questions:
QQ: The Decks you expected to see this weekend.
QQ: The the new Dragon Duel World Championship convince you to take part this weekend?
QQ: What are you looking forward to in Photon Shockwave?
QQ: How popular is LC2 in your area?
QQ: Farthest you've travelled for a YCS?

Other updates:
Meet the Judges!
TCS First-Timers!
Round 5 Update
Pictures from Round 5
Round 3 Update
Round 2 Update
Pictures from Round 3
Pictures from Round 2
Round 1 Update
Welcome to Columbus!