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Last minute advice for Conclave II.

Conclave, Limerick's big gaming convention, is back again next week and as always there's something for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists to compete in. If you're already following The Gathering's site you'll have seen this blog post yesterday but incase you haven't I've posted it here so there's no excuses for not being prepared!

Conclave is less than a week away (find all the YGO event info here) and Duelists from all over Limerick (and beyond!) are putting the final tweaks to their Decks before they compete at the Castletroy Park Hotel. However, while your Deck is what may win you the tournament and big prizes, it's no use to you if you can't play in the event at all, so don't forget your COSSY Card!

Your COSSY Card (or Konami ID to give it its proper name) is your official Duelist number and identification for all Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments you plan on competing in, whether it be at The Gathering every week or at bigger events like the Irish Open (or tournaments in different countries!). The ID number on these cards is what's needed to enter these tournaments and can also be used to track your progress and ranking on Konami's website. You can also win cool prizes every so often if you've got a high ranking, like the Top 1000 COSSY Playmats that some of Limerick's Top Duelists use every week. Without one there's a chance you won't be able to play in a tournament so you should always have it with you!

When you attend your first official tournament you get a card like the one in the picture above as well as a set of stickers with your ID number (and password for the website). One of the stickers goes on the back of the card, and the second one is a spare incase you lose your card (The Gathering keeps the third sticker incase you lose both of them). It's a good idea to put the second sticker on something you know you'll have with you at every event, like your Deckbox or trade binder.

When you enter a tournament you need to be able to show the scorekeeper ("the guy on the computer") your ID number incase your name isn't already in the tournament system, and if you don't have it you might not be able to play, which is why it's important to never forget it!

More often than not when The Gathering hosts tournaments outside of the shop (like Conclave) some names and ID numbers that would be on the shop's tournament software aren't on the computer that we use at the event, so even if you play at The Gathering every week it's important to have your card with you when you head to Conclave next Saturday. If you don't have it you might not be able to compete in the tournament so keep it in mind.

Also, I'd like to wish you all the best of luck when you're playing at Conclave next weekend. One of the fun things about events like these is that you get to play against Duelists from outside of Limerick, and get to see new Decks and strategies that you may have only heard about but never experienced in person. Even players as experienced as myself see new things at every Conclave so there's something new for everybody.

See you there!