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New Project: TCG Source Logo

A few weeks ago I was asked by Oliver Gehrmann (who I designed the nexTab logo for) to come up with a design for TCG Source, a new website dedicated to providing card gamers with the latest news, videos and features. The site's due to (formally) launch soon, and the logo went live today.

I was tasked with creating the new logo for the website, and was required to create a long (for banners etc.) and short (social media) version. They wanted something simple that would stand out from the other card gaming sites around the web (which tend to have overly complicated designs that don't work well across varying media). After I recieved some initial concepts and bounced a few emails around we settled on the basic design, and after some colour selection and final tweaks we were good to go.

This was a fun little project, one I liked so much that I did a bunch of extra work (wallpapers, site backgrounds etc.) in between getting the all-clear and giving the client the complete package. The wallpaper set should go live around the time of the official site launch, so if you're after something different as your background give it a look.

You can view everything related to the project below as well as on all the usual sites:

View in portfolio.
View on Behance.
View on Flickr.

As always I'm available for more work so go ahead and shoot me a message if you need something done :)