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Photon Sabre Tiger

My recent article on Photon Sabre Tiger is now up on the Konami Strategy Site. Tiger's a World Premiere card in the upcoming Photon Shockwave booster set and in the article I explain what it does and some quick and nifty combos you can pull off with it.

Photon Shockwave includes many useful LIGHT-based cards that are powerful in their own right, but can also help out with summoning the pack’s ace monster Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon! Today’s World Premiere card makes Summoning the Dragon a whole lot easier, but its uses go far beyond just that. Say hello to Photon Sabre Tiger!

When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: You can add 1 “Photon Sabre Tiger” from your Deck to your hand. If you do not control another “Photon Sabre Tiger”, this card loses 800 ATK.

Super-Nimble Mega Awesome!
Photon Sabre Tiger is a Level 3 LIGHT monster with 2000 ATK, a rare sight in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. If you control only 1 Photon Sabre Tiger it card loses 800 ATK, but thanks to Tiger’s other effect it’ll be back up to 2000 ATK in no time! Whenever Photon Sabre Tiger’s Normal or Flip Summoned you can add another copy from your Deck to your Hand. Tiger’s also a Beast-Type monster, making it the perfect card to Summon with Super-Nimble Mega Hamster!

Super-Nimble Mega Hamster’s Flip Effect lets you Special Summon a Level 3 or lower Beast-Type monster (like Tiger) from your Deck in face-down Defense Position. Since Photon Sabre Tiger’s searching effect can activate when it’s Flip Summoned, this is a safe way to set up that combo and Normal Summon the second copy, giving you 2 2000 ATK monsters to Tribute for Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, or 2 Level 3 monsters for an Xyz Summon with another Tiger safe in your hand. Xyz Decks that use Gravity Bind and Level Limit – Area B will make the most of Photon Sabre Tiger as the Level 3 monster can still attack while opposing monsters are unable to!

Let there be LIGHT!
The other cool thing about Photon Sabre Tiger (and several other monsters in Photon Shockwave) is that it’s a LIGHT monster, which works well with several new Spell and Trap Cards from the set. First up is Photon Lead, a Quick-Play Spell Card that Special Summons a Level 4 or lower LIGHT monster (from your hand) in Attack Position. After you Normal Summon Photon Sabre Tiger and add another copy to your hand, Photon Lead can Summon that second Tiger right away and both will be at 2000 ATK!

Lumenize is a Trap Card that negates the attack of one of your opponent’s monsters, but if you combine it with Photon Sabre Tiger your monster will gain ATK equal to that of the monster who’s attack you negated. The ATK boost lasts until your next End Phase, so you get to stop your opponent’s monster, power over it in battle next turn, and deal at least 1200 Battle Damage in the process! Lumenize is also handy for when you have that second Tiger in your hand that you need to Normal Summon next turn (also adding third Tiger to your hand), protecting the first one long enough to give you the ATK boost of controlling 2 copies.

Photon Veil’s a Spell Card that allows you to send 3 LIGHT monsters back to your Deck, and then add up to 3 LIGHT monsters from your Deck to your hand. This card lets you “fix” your hand when things go wrong. Drawing more than 1 Photon Sabre Tiger reduces its effectiveness, and drawing too many copies of a high Level LIGHT monster or any copies of Mystical Shine Ball can really hurt. Use Photon Veil to send the cards you don’t want or need right now back to the Deck and replace them with up to 3 new Level 4 or lower LIGHT monsters with the same name. Effect Veiler is one of the best cards to get with this effect, especially if you already have a powerful monster on the field.

If you can Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and back it up with 3 Effect Veiler, almost nothing can stop your Photon Dragon… but more on that another day!

Photon Sabre Tiger’s a useful card which can lead to some very big plays, and you can only get it in Photon Shockwave. Be on the lookout for it at your local Sneak Peek on November 5th/6th!